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Antilla Energy was formed in 2014 by environmentalists and entrepreneurs with the purpose of solving the problem of waste oils on the island of Aruba. Over the years we positioned ourselves as a reputable local distributor, collector, and international feedstock supplier through the use of our innovative systems.

Our company has maintained our competitive advantage by continuously improving our portfolio to include state-of-the-art collection vehicles and oil storage equipment as well as a digital ordering system.  We strive to continue to provide the best services to our clients now and in the future.  


Collection Services

We offer a free professional and dependable waste cooking oil collection service to our clients.  Depending upon the quantity of your waste cooking oil a storage container will be provided.  Our friendly staff member will set up a weekly pick-up schedule so you will know exactly which day our truck will pass by and collect your waste oil.  Waste motor oils can be collected but this is a FEE for pick-up service.  Contact us for pricing and more information on sales and free pick-up service.

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Our Clients



Amalie Motor Oils have been around since 1903 and continues to be one of the premier oils for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  We provide retail and wholesale options for businesses of all sizes.  Contact us for more information on how we can supply your motor oil needs. 



We deliver the highest quality oils for all your cooking needs. Our brands are Marina; a premier US foodservice provider and Delizio; a premier European Oil producer. Whether your needs are wholesale or retail one of our brands will provide your establishment with a quality product at a competitive price.


What is Ocycling?
This is a recycling program for used cooking oil for households. 
Instead of discarding your cooking oil in your septic tank or trash bin now you can drop it off in our blue bin. The used cooking oil will get recycled into a sustainable product.



Why is it important?
Used cooking oil if not disposed of correctly can have an effect on our beaches, soil, environment and even block your waste water drainage system.



How can I help?
•    Place the cooled used cooking oil in a plastic sealable container and then deposit it in our blue bin.
•    Do not discard your used oil in your septic nor on the ground

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